10 alternatives to Sí in Spanish

10 alternatives to Sí

Dime que sí

What are 10 alternatives to Sí?  Think about it for a second before you continue.  How many did you come up with?  Read on to find out if you got all 10.

In other news, we had to break down our room where we shot the videos for YouTube (since we thought we were moving). All those decorations and stuff are still packed and we didn’t feel like unpacking those again. So here is our new “studio”. A cute corner in our living room. I think it works out just fine. Maybe even better!

Anyway, I often hear you, dear Spanish students, using “sí” for everything. Well, just like our studio, it’s not the only alternative. Here I’ll show you 10 alternatives to “sí”. I bet you didn’t know #7.


Ten en cuenta…

Keep in mind two things. The first one is the difference in spelling between “sí” (with an accent) and “si” with no accent. The first one is an affirmation, the latter a condition. You pronounce them the same way, just keep an eye when you write them down. I think it’s always good to have good spelling.

The second thing you need to keep in mind is, eventhough they 10 alternatives to “sí”, it doesn’t mean you can use them to answer to everything just like “sí”. They have different uses depending on… context!

Claro que sí: It means something like “of course!” Use it when you want to put emphasis on the affirmative answer.

Así es: It’s like “That’s right”. Use it to confirm what someone else is saying (an affirmative sentence).

Vale: An informal alternative in Spanish to “OK”. Use it to respond to invitations or suggestions.

Exactamente: Kind of like “exactly”.

De acuerdo: “An equivalent to “all right”.

Por supuesto: Similar to “claro que sí”. A little bit more formal, though.


Find out the last 3 alternatives towards the end of the video.

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