10 Idiomatic Expressions in Spanish You Should Know

10 Spanish Expressions

Idiomatic expressions are important for you to sound more comfortable in the language. People will also use them often in conversations so it is a good idea to get used to them and learn as many as possible. Here we’ll take a look at 10 expressions you can commonly hear in a conversation with Spanish speakers.


1. Me estás tomando del pelo (You’re pulling my leg)
In this expression, you are pulling someone’s leg in English and you are pulling someone’s hair in Spanish. Both have the same meaning but we have no idea why they are pulling different things. If you know let us know in the comments down below.


2. Vamos al grano (Let’s cut to the chase)
In this Spanish expression, you are getting to the grain. You can also hear “Vamos al pointo” which is like “get to the point” in English. However you will also hear this expression “Vamos al grano” used as well.


3. Metí la pata (I messed up)
This means more or less I put my leg in that. So you stepped in something that is not very pleasant.


4. Tengo buena mano (I have a green thumb)
This Spanish expression means I have a good hand. The meaning is similar to the expression in English of having a green thumb but it is the whole hand and nothing is green.


5. Échale un ojo a… or Vigila a… (Keep an eye on…)
For this Spanish expression, you are going to be throwing your eye at something rather than keeping an eye on it. Both of them mean the same thing of watching something.


6. Cuesta un ojo de la cara (It costs an arm and a leg)
When something is expensive in Spanish you are losing an eye rather than an arm and a leg. So if you have to watch something expensive in Spanish you could lose both eyes…


7. Dar en el clavo (Hit the nail on the head)
This expression is the same in Spanish and in English.


8. Pedirle peras al olmo (Ask for the moon)
In Spanish, you are asking for a tree without any pears rather than the moon. Which is easier to get?


9. Es pan comido (It’s a piece of cake)
In this expression, you are switching out the cake for a piece of bread. Same meaning but the English version is sweeter.


10. Andarse por las ramas (Beat around the bush)
This expression is used when you want someone to get to the point. Like when you are watching youtube videos and want them to get to the point already. It’s the same as you would use the expression in English.


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