5 Ways to Better Spanish Today

Learning a new language is hard but there are ways to help.  Here are 5 things you can do to start improving your Spanish right now and get better at it.

1. Music

Listening to music in Spanish will help keep you thinking in the language.  You can listen while you are doing laundry or driving in the car.  As you improve you will start to recognize words and it will help your pronunciation better.  Songs can be fast and tough to understand so listening to music will help you with picking up on words faster.  It will also help with your comprehension.


2. Listen, Repeat.



Listening to the same song over and over might sound like some new way to torture yourself but it is a great way to learn new words.  It will also help pronunciation and you will have a fun way to practice the language.  Think of it as “language karaoke“.  Once get the words to the song start writing them down as you listen.  Then go and look up the meaning to figure out what the song is about.


3. TV



Watching your favorite TV shows in another language is a great way to get some extra practice.  Try putting subtitles in English or your native language.  You will enjoy it a lot more if you watch shows that you normally watch.  It can be a lot of fun to hear the voices of your favorite charters in the Spanish versions because they are going to sound completely different.  Try watching the Simpsons dubbed in Spanish.


4. News



Find news articles in Spanish  then try to find the same article in your native language.  You can compare words and improve your vocabulary.  It will also help with your understanding and reading compression.  Look for articles on CNN then check CNN en Español.


5. Letters



Try writing a letter in Spanish.  Maybe impress someone with a love letter.  For words you are not sure about look them up in a translator or a internet search.  Then write another one the following week to see how much you have improved.  Keep the letter so you can track how well you are doing at learning the language.


There you have it.  Good luck and Happy Spanish!



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