5 Ways to Use Your Spanish

5 Ways to Use Your Spanish


How can I use my Spanish when I have no one to practice it with?

We hear this all the time.  People wondering how they can practice their Spanish when they have no one to speak with.  The general thinking seems to be that you need to have someone to practice your Spanish with in order to improve.  So you must look for immersion programs or move to a Spanish speaking country in order for you to improve your Spanish.  This is not true.

Sí. Sí es posible aprender o mejorar tu español sin vivir en un país en donde hablen el idioma.
Si estás estancado en el mismo nivel de español y piensas que es porque “no vives en un país hispanohablante” te cuento que es solo una excusa.

Cody y yo te contamos cinco cosas que puedes hacer para usar tu español en tu propio país. Y no… no necesitas encontrar novio / novia / esposo / esposa para mejorar.

See, you are already using your Spanish with those last couple of sentences.  Check out the video below to learn 5 ways to use your Spanish right now from where you are.



OK, now you know 5 ways to use your Spanish.  If you are wanting some more help then check out our courses.    If you like our YouTube video or the way Maria teaches then you will love our courses.  Click the links below to learn more!

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