Speaking Spanish with an Accent – Does it matter?

The “importance” of the accent when learning a language.

Speaking Spanish with an accent, is it really a problem?  Is it important to speak with the accent of a native when speaking Spanish?

First of all, there are many definitions of “accent.” What we know as “the accent” like when we say “oh, you have a very nice accent” or “my head hurts, you have a horrible accent”, is what we call a dialect accent, which is basically the musicality that characterizes the sounds depending on geographical origin or social origin. Nothing to do with the pronunciation or the emphasis we put on the words, which is something else.

We all have an accent, a characteristic sound when we use the words. It is as if we sing the same song but with different melodies and rhythms. In that sense, there is no one better than another, nor more correct or incorrect than another.

A different melody.

When we speak a foreign language, we speak using the structure of the language but with the phonic elements of our mother tongue. So perhaps the natives of a language find it difficult to understand you when you speak, but this also occurs among native speakers of the same language. There are accents of Spanish that are difficult to understand. That does not mean that if I move to Spain, I have to speak like a woman from Spain so that they can understand me.

What I must do is adjust the tone of the words and pronounce clearly.  Not remove my accent. An accent is part of your identity and if your pronunciation is clear and easy to understand, changing it should not really be a priority. Now if it is so strong that it is an obstacle to communication, it is a good idea to work on word emphasis, intonation, and pronunciation.

Do you want to remove it and sound exactly like a particular native speaker? Well, go ahead.

So what is the accent you should learn? In my opinion, it does not matter, because people will understand you as long as you speak clearly and pronounce the words well. What’s the problem with speaking with your own accent? I really do not know.

Open your mind and stop worrying about fitting into a specific accent. That of course does not give you permission to speak bad Spanish. In fact, when you speak Spanish with your own accent, you must work harder to speak Spanish better.

The video below will dive more into the issue and what I think about it.  What do you think about speaking Spanish with an accent?

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