Coloquialismos En Español

Informal Everyday Conversations

In this video, we are looking at coloquialismos en Español.  If you did not see our last video on this topic you are probably wondering what the heck is coloquialismos.  Basically, coloquialismos are groups of words people use to speak informally in everyday conversations. Coloquialismos or colloquialisms in English, are spontaneous, and they do not always follow grammar rules.

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Five Coloquialismos en Español

Now in this video, we are focusing on five coloquialismos en Español.  Another way to think about them is as frequent expressions that we use when we speak with friends or family.


Maria also thinks they are very important for any Spanish learner to know.  Why?  Well because it will allow you to sound much more natural.

You can always just speak Spanish formal with less colloquial things but using colloquialisms will make much more normal sounding.

The idea behind this video is that you will try to figure out the coloquialismos en Español by only the examples Maria gives you in the video.

Are you ready?



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Unlock your Spanish voice!

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