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This week I show you different coloquialismos in Spanish that Spanish speakers use frequently. Although they may vary depending on the country, you will hear them in songs, or on TV, or in informal conversations. You will hear most of them throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Coloquialismos are groups of words people use to speak informally on everyday conversations. Coloquialismos or colloquialisms in English, are spontaneous, and they do not always follow grammar rules.  The video below dives into this topic and is completely in Spanish.

Coloquialismos En Español Part 2

We also did another video on this topic that you can watch here.


Coloquialismos in the video

Here’s the list of colloquialisms I explain in the video:

  • Hacer el oso – ¡Qué oso!
  • Se armó la gorda
  • ¡Quedó al pelo! – ¡Está al pelo!
  • Meter algo en la cabeza de alguien
  • Con pelos y señales
  • Estirar la pata
  • Patas arriba
  • Finde
  • ¡Ni en pintura!
  • Ser el malo de la película
  • (algo) cuesta un ojo de la cara


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Unlock your Spanish voice!

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