How To Sound More Natural in Spanish?

How To Sound More Natural?

How to sound more natural in spanish

Trying to make your Spanish sound more natural and more like a native Spanish speaker is really difficult.  Working on your accent and trying to have perfect pronunciation takes a lot of time and effort to achieve.  One thing you can start doing right now is using commonly used words from the location you are planning on visiting.  Most countries are going to have words that mean something specific in that country.  In other Spanish speaking countries, those words do not carry the same meaning.


Use Common Frequently Used Words


OK, we need to use words that are used in the specific country that we are going to if we want to sound more natural.  What does that mean?  In this video, we are going to be specifically focusing on Colombia.  So for an example let’s take a word we talk about in the video and that is “buenas”.  As you go about your day in Colombia you are going to hear this word a lot.  It is used instead of saying buenos días, buenas tardes, and buenas noches.  Colombians simply cut off the second word and just say “buenas” for everything, no matter what time of day it is.  If you are wanting to sound more natural and more Colombian then when you walk into a shop you are not going to say buenas tardes.  Instead, you are just going to say buenas.


This little change in the words you use will make a difference and you will sound more natural.  In the video below we have more examples of words that you should use when in Colombia in order to sound more Colombian.



Did you learn any new words from the video?  Do you know how to sound more Colombian now?

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