Confusing Verbs in Spanish Quiz


The crazy verbs of Spanish with all their different conjugations can feel impossible when you are starting out.  Then as you make your way through the language you start to get an understanding of them.  That is when these confusing verbs in Spanish that have the same meaning but different uses can creep up and take you by surprise.  In this video, we are going to take a look at some of these verbs and have a little quiz to check your understanding.

Our Confusing Verb Spotlight

Saber vs Conocer

Tocar vs Jugar

Pedir vs Preguntar

Salir vs. Dejar

These are the verbs we are going to be taking a look at in this video.  Plug these verbs into google translator and you are going to get a similar meaning.  To help clean up this confusing we are going to showcase these verbs in the context of how you will use them.  You will have to decide which one you should use for each situation.  Have no fear though because we will tell you the right answer and an explanation of why it is used after each question.



How did you do with the confusing verb quiz?

Did you learn any new words from the video?

Do you know the difference between some of these confusing Spanish verbs?

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