Describing Things In Spanish with Adjectives | Art Gallery Tour

Adjectives In Spanish

In this video, we are going to look at adjectives in Spanish. We are going to an art gallery and we will learn how to use adjectives to express things that we like, indifferent, and don’t like. Some of the adjectives and phrases you will hear are…

Algo que nos gusta (Something we like)
Asombroso (Amazing)
Admirable (Admirable, Remarkable)
Brillante (Brilliant)
Llamativo (Appealing)
Sensacional (Sensational)
Extraordinario (Extraordinary)

Algo indiferente para nosotros (Something we are indifferent)
Corriente (Ordinary)
Monótono (Monotonous, Repetitive)
Predecible (Predictable)
Tedioso (Tedious, Boring)
Deja mucho que desear (Leaves much to be desired)
No me convence del todo (It fails to convince me)

Algo que no nos gusta (Something we don’t like)
Caótico (Chaotic, Messy)
Abominable (Abominable, Horrible)
Pésimo (awful)
Vulgar (Common, Tasteless)
Descabellado (Absurd, Ridiculous)
Penoso (Pitiful)

Let us know what your thoughts in Spanish about some of our featured artwork in the comments down below. Make sure to use some of the adjectives that you learned from the video.

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Unlock your Spanish voice!

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