Día de las velitas | Vlog #2

Día de las velitas en Colombia

Vlog #2

In our vlog number 2, we are telling you about día de las velitas.  The day of the little candles or día de las velitas is a holiday in Colombia that is celebrated on December 7.  At night people will light candles on their porches, balconies.  Others will light candles on the street or in the park.  You will find families everywhere outside lighting the candles and watching them melt away.  The tradition dates back to 1854 and is still going strong today.

Don’t forget about the food

No día de las velitas is complete without something to snack on while you watch the candles burn.  One of our favorites is buñuelos.  This is a traditional holiday food here in Colombia.  It is basically a fried dough that has some cheese mixed in.  They are greasy but really delicious.

In this vlog of día de las velitas we’ll tell you more about this special day here in Colombia.  Also, we are going to talk more about buñuelos and some other tasty snacks that people eat around this time.

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Unlock your Spanish voice!

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