Arguing in Spanish | Words and Expression

Arguing in Spanish

Have you ever found yourself arguing in Spanish?  No…  Well, have you ever argued with someone?   Chances are you answered yes!  If you hang out with other human beings long enough you will probably get into an argument sooner or later.  Sometimes you don’t even have to be in person.  Thanks to technology you can get into arguments online with people you have never seen.  There is nothing like arguing with strangers…

Arguing in Spanish the right way

In this video, we are taking a look at arguing in Spanish.  We are going to look at words and expressions to express your grievances and misunderstandings.  This is a great video for those of you that are in a similar situation as us where you each speak a different language.  Hopefully, this will give the non-native Spanish speaker in the relationship some words and expressions to help win the argument… Just kidding.  This is a fun video and we hope it helps you.



Are you ready to argue in Spanish?

Did you learn any new expressions or words?

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espanol en uso course Arguing in Spanish


Want more Videos?

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Check Out Our Spanish Courses!

Improve Your Spanish with courses for intermediate and advanced students.

Check Out Our Spanish Courses!

Improve Your Spanish with courses for intermediate and advanced students.