Spanish listening practice with quiz

Ejercicio de escucha en españo

spanish listening practice

This is a Spanish listening practice and in this video, we are going to meet Sarita.  She is from Bogota, Colombia, and Maria is going to set down with her and ask some questions about her life.  The video is completely in Spanish and you will find a quiz at the end of the video to check your understanding.  Before we get to the video let’s take a look as some of the vocabulary you will hear in the video.

  • se me hace: it seems to me
  • ¿cómo así?: how come?
  • me da miedo: I’m scared
  • les cuesta mucho: it’s difficult for them
  • acostumbrarse a: to get used to…


Keep these vocabulary words in mind as you watch the video, be aware, and see if you can catch them being used.  Also as you are watching the video try to pay attention to the flow and song of their speech.  Notice how they connect words together and how there is a flow to how they speak.  There is a name for this and that is “habla continua” but more on that after the video.

Alright, how did you do?

Did you answer all the questions correctly?

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