Ejercicio de escucha en español colombiano

Ejercicio de escucha en español


Before we get into this ejercicio de escucha en español we are going to tell you a little about how this video came about.  At the start of 2019, we were in Colombia visiting for the holidays.  It just so happened that one of our friends from when we worked on cruise ships was also home for the holidays.  We meet up with Juan in Bogota and he invited us to visit the new home that he had built outside of the city.

A few weeks later off we went to meet up with Juan.  We hopped into his truck and made our way out of the busy city of Bogota on some of the curviest roads you can imagine.  The actual distance we were traveling to get to his house was not that far but with the curvy roads, it took us a while to get there.  After a pit stop for a bit to eat and some rest, we finally made it to his house.

Ejercicio de escucha Ejercicio de escucha

The view from his house is amazing!  We were blown away and had to take some pictures.  Of course, we had to take some pictures with us in them as well.

Ejercicio de escucha

After the photo session, we sat down with Juan and shot a video.  With the amazing view as our backdrop, we recorded the following listening activity for you all.

Video Completely in Spanish.

That is right, this video is completely in Spanish.  If you are having trouble understanding this video make sure to activate the subtitles in Spanish.  Don’t forget to watch until the end for the questions to check your understanding of this Spanish listening activity.


How did you do?

Did you answer all the questions correctly?

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