Embarrassing Spanish Mistakes

Have you made any embarrassing Spanish mistakes?

We all know that when you are learning something you will mess up. That’s a fact. And it is a good thing! Because your mistakes (if you pay attention), help you learn and grow. Sometimes those Spanish mistakes can be embarrassing Spanish mistakes.  However, it doesn’t matter if the experience while making that mistake was good or bad. No matter what, you’ll learn. Cody and I sat one day, drank a good Colombian tinto, and started talking about all those mistakes we’ve heard or said. We came up with five pretty interesting and very common mistakes we are sure you also make (or made) when speaking Spanish.


embarrassing spanish mistakes

I’m excited to meet you:

A lot of people I’ve taught over the years and just talked to seem to think the right way to say this in Spanish is “Estoy excitado de conocerte”… Well, no. Excitado has a sexual meaning. It means aroused. So, you would be basically saying “I’m aroused to meet you”. Yeah… that doesn’t seem like a way to start the conversation on the right foot. Well… who knows? If you don’t mean to say that, then just say “Estoy encantado de conocerte”. In this case, the expression we use when we meet someone is not really “excited” but “charmed”. If you are excited about something, say: Estoy emocionado.

I’m hot:

This is a classic. I’m hot. You just want to say the temperature outside is too high but you say “estoy caliente”. OK. I have no problem with people being open-minded and able to express how they feel, but unless you mean you’re horny maybe you shouldn’t say “estoy caliente”. Just say: “Tengo calor”. Learn the difference between “calor” and “caliente” here.


Other Funny Mistakes…

You will find the explanation and what to say instead for these other interesting and innocent looking sentences in the video on YouTube.

  • I’m going to introduce myself
  • These are my parents
  • I support you

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