How to Focus When Learning a Language?

How to Focus When Learning a Language?




If you find yourself trying to achieve many goals very often, say twice a week, you might actually get distracted and be further of your initial goal of learning a language. For instance, if onw week you want to learn Spanish, but suddenly you find out about other romance language and decide to study another one, this could be against you, since your focus will not be the same. The truth is this: If you want to learn a skill very well, you should focus on that skill only.  If you want to learn several languages, take it one at a time, so you can learn each one very well and not two or three halfway.

Here you have some tips that might help you focus on your learning of a foreign language:

Warm Up before you Study.


Yes, just like working out, you might need to get into the language learning mode before actually studying. So an activity you could do to warm up could be listening to a song in the target language or watch a video in the target language, just so you can get into the intonation and the patterns of the language.


Get Away from That Phone!


To avoid distractions such as checking your phone every five minutes or checking Facebook or Twitter, try either turning your phone off or putting it else where at the moment of studying. This will help you focus on studying. If you feel tempted to go online and check social media a lot, you could use StayFocusd, which is an add on (Chrome). This add on will block websites that you set in advance and for a time period that you select, so there’s no change of mind. Once you set it for, say 30 minutes, it will block those distracting websites for 30 minutes.


Listen to Soft Instrumental Music… or Not.


If you are the kind of person who can focus better if you have some background noise while studying a language, you could try listening to soft instrumental music, nothing too elaborate. It could be Classical music or New age music if you are into that, just try to pick something that won’t make you hum or shake your head.

There is something called binaural beats, which is an auditory illusion that you perceive when you hear two different tones both with low frequencies. Here an example. There is no scientific evidence that this will improve your learning but hey, if it works for you to focus on your study, go for it.

In contrast, if you find any kind of noise distracting, try staying away from it as much as you can.

Well, here you have some tips that you could use when learning. Do you know any other tips? Write them in the comments.


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