Get The Most Out Of A Spanish immersion

One of the best ways you can learn Spanish or improve your Spanish is by doing a Spanish immersion.  A Spanish immersion is like a jump start and you can really see fast improvements from it.


The only problem is they can be expensive.  Which can leave you with a few doubts like…

What if you go there and I really don’t improve that much?  or  Is this a waste of money?

My Experience

One thing that I have lots of experience with is knowing how NOT to get the most out of an immersion experience.  I have lived in Colombia off and on for two years.  Somehow I managed to make it out ever time with a terrible Spanish.

The number one mistake that I made was not speaking Spanish.  This probably sounds stupid, I mean you are going to a Spanish speaking country to do just that.  So why would you not speak Spanish?

Speak Spanish

One thing you might be surprised about is that most people will probably try to talk with you in English.  The bigger the city or the more foreigners that are there the more likely this will happen.  People will see you especially if you look super gringo like me as an opportunity to practice their English.

There would be times that I would walk into a place and they would not even speak to me in Spanish.  They would just go right to speaking to me in English.

Easier than you think

It can be easier than you think to fall into this trap of not speaking Spanish while you are on your immersion.

In my experience, most foreigners will want to talk with you in their native tongue.  So if you meet up with some other foreigners in the country that speak English there is a very good chance that you all are going to speak to each other in English.  I had this happen to me a lot and before I knew it I had a bunch of friends that only spoke English that I was hanging out with.

You could also have other immersion classmates that are learning Spanish with you do the same.  Outside of class they might try to speak to you in English because they are sick of using Spanish.  I have had a couple of classes were several of the students went back to speaking English to each other as soon as the class was over.  Then if you want to hang out after class you are doing nothing but speaking in English as well.

So what can you do to stop this?

The number one thing you can do to get the most out of your Spanish immersion experience is to leave your mother tongue at the airport.  By telling yourself that I no longer know how to speak English and I only know how to speak Spanish you will get yourself in the mindset to only think in Spanish.  So when your plane takes off you are leaving English behind until you come back.

This will for sure make your brain hurt but you will get the very most out of the immersion.  Don’t make the same mistakes as me and get the most out of your opportunity to learn this awesome language.

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