Gustar (Worksheet): Expressing Likes and Dislikes in Spanish

Gustar: Instructions for This Worksheet.

Gustar (Worksheet): Expressing Likes and Dislikes in Spanish

How does it work?

You’ll see the page with a chart. There are some items on the left. Some of them are singular, some of them are plural. Above them, you’ll see the questions: ¿Te gusta… / Te gustan…? You just have to check SÍ or NO on the columns next to them, depending on your personal preference.
As you do it, say out loud your preference in Spanish: “me gusta el chocolate” “No me gustan los vegetales”.

What next?

When you finish your part. Go to the “A él / a ella” section. Think of a person you know well. Ask yourself: “¿Le gusta /gustan…?” As you answer, check the boxes SÍ or NO and say the answer out loud: “a él/ella (no) le gusta(n)…”.

And then what?

In the section “a nosotros” “a nosotras”, you’ll talk about the preferences YOU and THE PERSON YOU CHOSE have in common (for likes and dislikes).
Only complete the sections where your preferences are the same.
“a nosotros / nosotras (no) nos gusta(n)…”
Say those sentences out loud as you complete the chart or when you finish.
Remember “a mí”, “a él”, “a ella”, “a nosotros”, “a nosotras” are OPTIONAL and you use them to emphasize or clarify information. You don’t have to use them but it’s a good idea to get familiar with them since you might see them or hear them in other contexts.

Expressing Likes and Dislikes.


Gustar only has a singular form (if you only like ONE thing you’ll say … gusta…) and if you like many things, you’ll say gustan (with an N at the end).

Use “me gusta…” with verbs and with singular nouns: “me gusta caminar”, “me gusta caminar y correr”, “me gusta el café”.

Use “me gustan…” with plural nouns only: “me gustan los niños”, no me gustan los peces”.

Remember if someone asks you “¿Te gustan (los vegetales)?” you can answer giving a complete answer: (Me gustan los vegetales.) or a short answer: “me gustan”.

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