High Pressure Situations Help you Improve Your Spanish

High Pressure Situations


If you’ve ever talked to the same person about similar topics (a.k.a “practice your Spanish”), you have probably noticed that after a couple of sessions with the same person, you start getting comfortable and you end up learning the same words, saying the same things and overall just being in the comfort zone. As soon as you get in the comfort zone, you stop improving as much.

We realized about something similar in this video we made. We have been in a comfort zone with our interaction with a camera.

See, typically when we shoot a video, we kind of know what we are going to say, we organize our thoughts and ideas and we take our time. This video was different. It is an Internet challenge: Answer 100 questions in 5 minutes. That means you need to be quick and answer what you can. It is basically a light, fun activity for people to get to know you a little better. What did we learn from it? I, María, have trouble organizing my ideas in short, direct messages. I need to feel to be able to talk a lot and I should work on it (a.k.a Maria, go to the point!). Cody, on the other hand, learned he needs new vocabulary in Spanish, to talk about other things, not the same things he always talks about with me at home!

Why is this important for you?

Well, other than learning a little bit more about ourselves as individuals (not just the people who teach you Spanish through a screen), this is an example of how talking all the time about the same topics, with the same person (a.k.a “practice your Spanish”) creates a comfort zone and sometimes it is a good idea to get out of it and feel pressure. You need to talk about different topics, with different people, in different contexts. Pressure to express what you mean accurately and precisely.

When you are in a high pressure situation, there’s no time to think your answer. You just say what you know. Then you notice what you don’t know and if you are a good student, you make a mental note and work on it. Then you try again and use what you learned.

Anyway! This video is supposed to be light and fun… It is! Some of the questions you’ll hear are in Spanish, some are in English (Our subscribers sent us the questions, so we left them untouched).

Towards the end of the video, Cody and I tell you more about a couple of questions we thought were interesting and needed a longer explanation. We hope you stay to th end to listen to them 🙂

OK. Enough! (See what I mean?!) Here’s the video! Enjoy!


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Check Out Our Spanish Courses!

Improve Your Spanish with courses for intermediate and advanced students.