How Many Countries Official Language is Spanish?

How Many Countries Official Language is Spanish?


There are 21 countries that have Spanish as an official language.


Those countries are…



Population: 120,286,655


Mexico is the biggest Spanish speaking country with the most Spanish speakers in the world.  While Spanish is an official language of the country it is not the only one.  Mexico has over 68 indigenous languages that it recognizes alone with Spanish to make a huge collection of national languages.  Mexico works to preserve all the indigenous heritage by even having it written in the constitutions to preserve and help the indigenous people and their languages.



Population: 48,400,388


Colombia also has several indigenous languages spoken in the country but Spanish is the official language.  That is, unless you decide to visit San Andrés, Providencia or Santa Catalina islands.  These islands are off the coast of Nicaragua and the official language of this department is English.



Population: 47,737,941

Where Spanish was born. Now millions of native-speakers across the world use this language to communicate every day.  The romance language of Spanish originated in the Castile region of Spain but Spanish is not the only official language the country has.  Spain also 3 other co-official languages along with Spanish.  Those are Basque (spoken by 2% of the population), Catalan (spoken by 17% of the population), and Galician (spoken by 7% of the population).



Population: 43,024,374


Argentina’s official language is Spanish but their Spanish is a littler different from most of the other South American countries.  In Argentina they replace the Spanish pronoun tú (you) with vos.  Here, people also speak other secondary languages like English, Italian, and Arabic.



Population: 30,147,935

Peru has several other official languages with Spanish. 84.1% of the population speak Spanish.  The other languages are indigenous languages with Quechua being spoken by 13% of the population and Aymara  being spoken by 1.7 % of the population.  The rest of the indigenous languages make up the rest with 1.2%.



Population: 28,868,486

Venezuela is mostly only a Spanish speaking country but the constitution does recognize over 30 indigenous languages like Wayuu, Warao, and Pemón.  However there are few speakers of all these languages making up less than 1% of the total population.



Population: 17,363,894

Chile’s Spanish differ from the rest because they often drop final syllables and the “s” sounds.  Also some consonants have soft pronunciation.  The accent in Chile does not vary that much as the population formed in a small section in the center of the country then spread to the north and south.  Like the other countries Chile does have several indigenous languages like Rapa Nui, Quechua, Mapudungun, and Aymara.  Some of the indigenous languages of the country though are now extinct or close to it.



Population: 15,654,411

Ecuador has the official language of Spanish but it has several other Amerindian languages spoken there.  Some of those are Kichwa, Awapit, Tsa’fiki, as well as many other Amerindian languages you can find there.



Population: 14,647,083

Spanish is the only official language in Guatemala but 22 Mayan languages are spoken there.



Population: 11,047,251

The only official language in Cuba is Spanish.  Cuban Spanish is a form of Caribbean Spanish that you will find spoken in Puerto Rico, Panama, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and the Caribbean coast of Colombia.



Population: 10,631,486

Bolivia has 36 official languages along with Spanish.  However Spanish is the most spoken official language in the country with 88.4% of the people speaking it.

Dominican Republic


Population: 10,349,741

The Dominican Republic is made up mostly of Spanish speakers.  You can find patches of Samaná English as well as Haitian Creole which is the largest minority language spoken in the country by Haitian immigrants and their descendants.



Population: 8,598,561

Spanish is the main language you are going to find spoken through the country.  There are some other languages spoken like Garifuna, Sumu, Pech, and Mískitu as well but Spanish most common.



Population: 6,703,860

There are two official languages of Paraguay, Spanish and Guaraní which is and indigenous lanuage.  Spanish is understood by around 90% of the population while Guaraní is understood by 95%.

El Salvador


Population: 6,125,512

Spanish is the only official language in El Salvador.  There are some indigenous languages still spoken like Nawat and Maya.  Also in El Salvador they use voseo replacing “tú”(you) with “vos”.



Population: 5,848,641

Nicaragua like El Salvador uses voseo replacing “tú”(you) with “vos”.  Nicaraguan Spanish also has several indigenous influences like replacing the “s” sound with an “h” sound.  The country lots of creole languages which are mixes between Spanish and indigenous languages.

Costa Rica


Population: 4,755,234

The main language of Costa Rica is Spanish but you will find some indigenous language still spoken there.  Some of them are Ngäbere, Maléku, Bribri, and Cabécar.

Puerto Rico


Population: 3,620,897

Puerto Rico being a territory of the United States has two official languages Spanish and English.  The primary language of the country is Spanish and is the only official language of the judiciary system.  Even though there is a English-only language law from 1902.  All U.S. District Court in the country is conducted in English.  Less than 10% of the country speaks English as a primary language.



Population: 3,608,431

Spanish is the main and official language of Panama.  There are some native languages spoken throughout the country like Ngäbere.  However Spanish is spoken by will over 90% of the population.



Population: 3,332,972

Uruguay like it’s neighbor Argentina uses voseo replacing “tú”(you) with “vos”.  The country has a large number of Italian immigrants and used to speak a mixture of Spanish and Italian called ‘Cocoliche’.  The common language used in business is English and Portuguese is spoken close to the Brazilian border. No indigenous languages remain in the country.

Equatorial Guinea


Population: 1,722,254


Equatorial Guinea’s official languages are Spanish, French, and Portuguese which was added in 2010.  Around 67.6% of the Equatorial Ginea’s population can speak Spanish. People also speak indigenous languages like Balengue, Ndowe, Fang, and Gumu.


There you have it all the countries with Spanish as the official language.  The total population of all those countries comes in at around 440,320,916 people.  There are even more countries that have a large population that speak Spanish.


Look for the next “Did You Know?” post to find out more cool facts about them.

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