Improve pronunciation in Spanish

Cómo mejorar tu pronunciación en español

How to improve pronunciation in Spanish


For this video, we are going to talk about a technique to improve your pronunciation in Spanish or any language.  Remember this is not a method but a technique you can use.

What is the difference?

A technique works on a specific aspect and a method is a set of steps you do to improve general aspects of something.
This technique helps you improve your pronunciation, your intonation, and helps you sound a lot clearer and easier to understand.  It does this by training the muscles in your face to move in ways you are not used to speaking in your native language.

The technique is “shadow reading”.  So how do you shadow read?  First, you need to find a audio to listen to and a transcript of that audio. Look up and words that you do not know and listen to the audio several times. Then practice listening to the audio while you read the words out loud along with the person speaking.  By attention to how the person sounds and try to copy their speech pattern.  Doing this technique will help your pronunciation as it will get your mouth moving the way it needs to in order to speak the language.



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