Lesson 5 | Introduce Yourself in Spanish

Introduce Yourself in Spanish

In lesson 5, you will learn how to introduce yourself in Spanish.  You will learn how to do this using the verb SER (One of the verbs TO BE). When we introduce ourselves we can also talk about our age or our preferences, but for now, we will focus on this irregular verb ONLY. In future lessons, we’ll go over other things to say.

The other verb To Be in Spanish is ESTAR. SER and ESTAR are irregular verbs, that means they are not conjugated like any other. Something to keep in mind is that in Spanish is not necessary to mention the personal pronoun (I, you, he…). You will conjugate all verbs in Spanish depending on the person, therefore, you can omit the personal pronoun.

Some vocabulary Cody and I went over.

Before You Start

A couple of things you definitely need to know: You will use these two verbs in different contexts and for different functions.

Ser: Permanent situations: Soy feliz (feeling in general); Names (Soy Maria); Soy colombiano (nationality); physical appearance (soy alta); personality (soy sociable).

Estar: Temporary situations: Estoy feliz (feeling right now); relationship status (estoy casado); location (Estoy en clase); Health Condition (estoy enferma).

If you want to skip to the good stuff here are some time stamps so you can skip around to the parts you want to see.
0:45 Conjugation verb SER
1:11 Questions in Spanish
2:24 Practice verb SER in Spanish
4:10 Introduction in Spanish

Use this vocabulary cheat sheet to practice introducing yourself!

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