Why do Latin Americans Love Using Diminutives? – Practice with us!

Diminutives in Spanish

In this video, we are going to be talking about diminutives in Spanish.  A diminutive is a word which has been modified to convey a slighter degree of its root meaning. They are used for tenderness or love like when a parent talks with their child, for example, you would probably hear lots of diminutives.

Latin Americans love using diminutives. The diminutives in Spanish will appear at the end of the word. What the ending is will depend on the country.

Here are some ending for diminutives.

-ito, -ita, -ecito, -ecita, -illo, -illa, -ecillo, -ecilla, -ico, -ica, -ete, -eta, -ín, -ina, -ejo, -eja, -uelo, -ueka

Now that we know the endings let’s take a look at five things to keep in mind when using diminutives.


1. You have to make the diminutivo the same as the root word. It is masculine then the diminutive ending you use should be masculine. The same applies to femenino, singular, and plural.

2. If the word ends in O or A take away the letter and replace with ito or ita
Carro: carrito

3. If the word ends in R, N, E, I, U, or any letter with a tilde add cito or cita
Café: cafecito

4 For all the other consonants add ito or ita
Reloj: relojito

5. If the word ends in io or ia add ito, ita, ecito, or ecita
Patio: patiecito

Now you are ready to turn words into little words with diminutivos. There is some practice towards the end of the video where you can see if you can do better than Cody.

If this was too advanced for you check out some of our videos in English.


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