Lazy or Frustrated? | Diaries of a Struggling Spanish Student.

Are You A Lazy Spanish Student?


I am a lazy Spanish student and I have studied Spanish the way most people do fad diets:  Every time I start studying Spanish with any kind of consistency I hit a wall.

I think I have tried just about every way to learn and nothing seems to really be a silver bullet for this.  After some self-reflection, I realize now that my problem with Spanish is I am a perfectionist and I want to speak perfect every time.  Since I don’t speak the way I would like to speak Spanish, I get easily frustrated and quit. Needless to say, I mess up a lot because I don’t practice every day like I should. I get lazy.  It starts a cycle of me getting annoyed that I am messing up so much and then I take a break (a really long break of days or weeks).



What I have come to realize is that you are always going to have problems.  You are always going to mess up.  I think about how much I mess up in my own native language that I have been speaking my whole life. I should not worry about messing up in Spanish because learning and having problems is just a part of the process.  If you are like me and think you are a lazy Spanish student,  you might not actually be a lazy Spanish student but a frustrated one.

There is no such thing as speaking a perfect Spanish (especially when you just started) and it is not worth it to get frustrated every time you mess up.  Knowing this has helped me keep moving forward and not get upset and want to quit.

What if I am lazy?

Now if that is not your problem and you are indeed a lazy student not studying every day, here are some things you can do to improve:

Setup daily study goals. Make them something you can actually do.  Don’t be an overachiever, there is not a teacher to impress.  Just setup simple small goals that you can do every day to study Spanish.  It is important that you make them achievable.  One day is going to come where you are going to be tired or busy and not want to practice.

This is where it being easy and fast will help.  You can get it done and move on with your life.  Then on the days where you are feeling good you can go above and beyond your simple practice.  It does not matter what you do, only that you do it.

You can also setup up some long-term goals that the little goals will lead to. I have had luck doing this to keep me motivated and moving towards my goals.  I don’t think there is anything that will make you not lazy.  After a while, it will become more of a habit.  Soon you’ll be on your way to kicking down your Spanish wall.

How do you keep from being lazy when you study Spanish?  What are some of your tricks and tips?  Let us know in the comments!

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