Lesson 1 | Learn to Read

Why Would I want to Learn to Read in Spanish?

The reason is simple if you learn to read in Spanish then you will be able to learn to speak faster.  Learning how to pronouch the words that you read will help you when you speak.  Also, learning to read will help you learn new words faster.  Lastly, it will make you more efficient in your new language.  Let’s say you are in a Spanish speaking country and are trying to understand how something works.  Well if you have the ability to read and there are some instructions that go along with the thing you are trying to understand then you are on the right track.  Also why limit yourself to only being able to speak a new language when you can open up a whole new world with a written one as well.

This video is the first in our Zero to Fluency series.  You will follow Cody on his journey to becoming fluent in Spanish.  Cody has some Spanish speaking experience but is basically starting from square one.  If you have always wanted to learn Spanish you can learn with Cody and go on a Spanish language learning journey together.  So in this first lesson we are going to learn how to read in Spanish.  You will learn things like how the vowels are suppose to sound and several other rules of the Spanish language like the letter H is silent except when it is next to the letter C.

As always we try to make it fun and hope you enjoy.  Ready to start?

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