Difference Between Español and Castellano

Español or Castellano?

So what is the difference between Español and castellano?  In this video, we are taking a look at just that.

If you have read that you are not learning Spanish but Castillian; or if someone tells you that you are not learning Castillian but Spanish, this video will help you make sense of it all.

Let’s get started by first talking about Spain. Spain has several languages some of them are Galician, Catalan, Castillian, Aragonese, etc… These are all languages that had influence from Latin, French, etc… and they are also the languages that were spoken in the different kingdoms before Spain become one whole kingdom.

A History Lesson

One of those languages was called Castillian from the kingdom of Castilla. When the kingdoms came together to become one kingdom the language that took over was the one from the ruling king. So when Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon married and united their Kingdom. It set in motion unifying Spain as one whole kingdom and setting Castillian as the official language of all the kingdom of Spain. So since it was the official language of Spain it was known as Spanish or Español.

The Same?

OK enough with the history lesson, what is the difference between Español and Castellano.  Both terms can be used and they mean the same thing. Although Español is the most common and used name for the language. Hopefully, this short video clears things up and helps you know the difference between Castellano and Español.

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