Looking for an After Election Escape Plan?

After every election there are always people stating how they are going to leave the country and move to Canada. But there are so many other options than our neighbor to the north.  If you are finding yourself looking to move to Canada after the president elect takes office then here are 10 Spanish speaking countries to consider.


10. Guatemala




Around 8,000 Americans already live in Guatemala.  The country is a popular escape because of how close it is to the U.S. and the beautiful surroundings.  Expats claim to live comfortably on well under $1500 a month.  With a week’s worth of produce costing around $8 at the market.  The real estate in Guatemala being on the affordable side makes for an alternative escape plan.


9. Argentina




The second largest country in South America with one of the world’s highest qualities of life.  Argentina is known for its good wines and beef but it is also the 8th largest country in the world making its population small for such a large country.  You will also find a wide range of climates from freezing in the South to nice pleasant in the North.


8. Spain




The country suffered a hard blow with the global financial crisis.  While unemployment remains high it is still one to be considered.  Spain has lots to offer from amazing landscapes to ancient architecture and all kinds of festivals, so you will always find something to do.  For the food lovers there is all the delicious food and wine.  Also know that in Spain people speak four other languages besides Spanish depending on the region.

7. Colombia




Colombia is a very underrated country with a dark past that has given it a such a bad reputation.  Long gone are the days of Pablo Escobar and all the violence.  People are slowly discovering how great this country is with its affordable cost of living and amazing landscapes.

6. Chile




Known as being the most stable country in South America.  Chile leads the way in low perception of corruption and state of peace.  Also it has a lower cost of living than the United States.  Like several other countries in South America, Chile also has affordable fresh produce.


5. Panama




A common go to for retirees with several international airports for when you want to come back to visit.  Although the official currency of Panama is the Balboa the US dollar is used.  Also English is spoken by a large percentage of the population.


4. Costa Rica





Thousands of Americans call Costa Rica home.  Low cost of living and safety are some of the strong points but the real estate market is comparable to that of the United States.  However the affordable fresh produce, amazing landscapes, and laid back atmosphere makes up for it.

3. Ecuador




Around 40,000 Americans live in Ecuador.  The country has beautiful cities with Spanish colonial architecture.  Along with a stable growing economy and the official currency is the U.S. dollar.  Add that with the nice temperatures and the growing infrastructure then you can see why more Americans are moving there.

2. Mexico




The number 1 place Americans go when they leave the U.S. with around 1,000,000 of them calling it home.   Mexico has comparable health care to what you will find in the States but at a fraction of the price.  The country does get bad press with all of the violence and the war on drugs.  But for nearly 1 million Americans a little lack of safety is small compared to everything else they gain.



1. Uruguay




Looking for one of the most libertarian and freest countries in the world?  Then Uruguay is your best bet with personal use of all drugs decriminalized and it being the least corrupt country in Latin America.  The cost of living for food, health care, and housing are much lower than the United States.  Uruguay also has a stable economy, a healthy banking system, and is trying to become energy independent with renewable energy.  Not to mention it has the second lowest income inequality and quality of life in the Americas and is only second to Canada.


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