So Many Cool Words in Spanish!



When it comes to vocabulary, Spanish is one of the languages with the most words you can find. It is therefore, a rich language, (even with words from Arab origin!) due to all the variations from country to country. This is how, you can find a simple word like “pen” with four different words in Spanish: Lapicero, bolígrafo, esfero, and pluma.

It shouldn’t surprise you then, that a word like “cool”, has so many different ways to be said in Spanish. In English, this word is a combination of different positive characteristics: friendly, competent, trendy and attractive. It is a slang and people use it often.

We have gathered the words for cool from most Spanish speaking countries. Where are you planning on going? Argentina? Then you better say: “copado”.



The “cool” words in Spanish!


If you’re planning on using this word as an expression, use it with “Qué”, not the question, but the exclamation to say that something is “so cool”. So it would be like this: “Qué bacano!”


Copado: Argentina

Chido: Mexico

Guay / Chulo: Spain

Bacán: Peru

Bacano: Colombia

Chévere: Ecuador

Tuanes: Costa Rica

Chori: Chile

Apero: Dominican Republic

Carteluo: Venezuela

Chivo: El Salvador

Tuanis: Honduras

Purete: Paraguay


Now you know. You can stick to the safe adjective to describe something good “bonito” or you can take a risk and use one of the slangs depending on the country where you are. Remember learning anything is about taking risks!


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