Moving to Colombia | Why Not Spanish Vlog #1

We are finally in Colombia!

If you don’t know we have been trying to move to Colombia since March 2020 but life had other plans.  With the coronavirus causing Colombia to close down its borders we were left wondering when we would ever get the chance of moving to Colombia.  After several flight changes, we were finally able to fly into the country.

Moving to Colombia was a really stressful experience for us.  Moving is always stressful I think but when you are changing countries it adds to the drama.  We have lived in the country before but that was over 5 years ago.  A lot of things have changed in that amount of time including us.

That said we are really happy we are here.  We also made a video about our trip.  It is our first attempt and making a vlog.  In the video, we will take you through our day and tell you about our trip.  We had fun making the video and we hope to make more videos like this in the future.

The video is different than some of our others and the sound might not be as good.  We are trying out a new video editing software and also a different camera.  It will get better with time as we tweak things and figure out what works best.


We have definitely gotten out of our comfort zones in Colombia and are slowly finding our way.  If you need help improving your Spanish and getting out of your comfort zone take a look at our Spanish courses.

We have a Beginner Spanish course, a course on Lo, La, and Le, and our subscription course Español En Uso.  Español En Uso is a monthly subscription for intermediate and advanced Spanish learners that are feeling stuck in their learning.

The subscription includes access to courses designed to tackle problems and issues that intermediate and advanced Spanish learners face and will give you the tools to get past them.  There is also a closed Facebook group where you can post videos and get feedback on your Spanish.  You will also find monthly live classes and a book and movie club.  Click below to learn more!

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Moving to Colombia

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Check Out Our Spanish Courses!

Improve your Spanish with one of our courses.

Check Out Our Spanish Courses!

Improve your Spanish with one of our courses.