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So many uses of the Spanish verb dar!


Linguistic John Ruppert Firth said: “You know a word by the company it keeps”. Basically all words have a meaning by themselves but their meaning could change depending on the words that you find next to them. For instance, the Spanish verb DAR. It has a lot of meanings and uses. It is important for you to learn words in groups. chunks. Not individually. Connect the words to a context, to a sentence, to a person. It will be a lot easier for you to recognize it next time you find it.


Spanish verb DAR

What does the Spanish verb DAR mean?

It could mean a lot of things, but one of the definitions you can find in the dictionary is “to give”. Let’s see its conjugation:

Yo doy

Tú das

Él da

Nosotros damos

Ellos dan

(These are only the conjugations of the verb in present. Check this link to see the other conjugations in other tenses like past or future.)

In today’s video you’ll come with us to Nashville, TN. We have to run some errands and we thought “let’s take advantage of this three-hour-long trip to record a video. So here we are. We’ll tell you what we are going to do there at the end of the video (by the way, our errand only took 15 minutes!).

Spanish verb DAR

Some of the expressions we’ll go over are:


Darse cuenta de algo: To realize something

Me da lo mismo / Me da igual: It’s the same for me (I don’t care / I don’t mind)

Dar una vuelta: To go for a walk / go for a drive

Me da + sustantivo (hambre, miedo, risa, rabia…): It makes me feel… (hungry, scared…)

No dar pie con bola: To not have a clue / To not do anything right

Dar las gracias: To say thanks / To thank someone

Check the video out so you can hear the examples and the pronunciation plus some extra information!

Enjoy the video:


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