Nuestra casa: Spanish Listening Practice

Vamos a hacer un recorrido por nuestra casa


Nuestra casa

Weeeeellll, it’s not really OUR house. We pay for rent (pagamos arriendo) every month. It’s more the place where we live now.

We felt like sharing with you the place where we live and work (it’s not easy sometimes but we make it work!). This is where all the videos, content, courses, etc come from. It’s also an opportunity for you to learn or remember some very useful vocabulary and expressions about a house in Spanish. Towards the end of the video, you’ll find a quiz for you to answer.

Some of the places we’ll show you in nuestra casa are:

  • El comedor: The diningroom
  • El baño: The bathroom
  • La sala: The livingroom
  • El estudio: The studio
  • La cocina: The kitchen
  • El cuarto: (also “la habitación”): The bedroom
  • El armario: The closet (although in Spanish we also say closet, but we write it with an accent mark (una tilde), like this: clóset).

Nuestra casa


Warning: As you might know, I (Maria) am Colombian. The words I will use are the words I grew up listening to. If you know another word for the same object, it doesn’t mean either of us is wrong. It is just a different word 🙂

Let us know on the YouTube comments about your house. How many rooms does it have? Which one do you like best? Enjoy the video!


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