Online Spanish Classes

Easy Online Spanish Classes

Online Spanish classes with Maria who is a native Spanish speaker that is trained in the teaching of the Spanish and English languages.  Classes are one hour long and take place through Skype.  We do all our transactions through PayPal.  Also, there are discounts for classes bought in bulk.

Meet Your Teacher

Maria is from Bogotá, Colombia and very passionate about learning languages.  She has been a language teacher for 10+ years teaching both English and Spanish.  Her teaching experience is made up of teaching in schools, universities, and one on one private classes.  What makes Maria’s approach to teaching and learning a language different than others is that she makes the classes fun and entertaining.  No one will ever take a class from her and not laugh or smile.  Her students have fun as they learn and it can be seen in our YouTube Videos.

How are the classes done?

Maria has taught all types of language learners with different ages, personalities, motivations, and goals.   Each Spanish class she tailors to the needs and wants of the individual student.  From basic Spanish to advanced, Maria can set up a class that will help you achieve your Spanish learning goals.

No matter what your Spanish learning goals might be we can help you get there.  Through classes focused on business that will give you the correct language to use in business settings along with aspects of business culture.  Or if you already have a good grasp on the Spanish language but need to develop your fluency and listening skills we can help you with that as well.  You can spend as much or as little time as you wish on any topic that interests you, or any aspect of Spanish that you find difficult. Maria will provide individual tutor support for any aspects of your choosing.  She can even help get your Spanish ready for travel or tourism.

Whether you require lessons in Spanish grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, linguistics, or informal conversation practice, we can satisfy all your language-learning needs.


One Class

$30.00 per class

60 Minute Class

One-on-one Skype class

10+ Classes

$29.00 per class

60 Minute Class

One-on-one Skype class

20+ Classes

$28.00 per class

60 Minute Class

One-on-one Skype class

40+ Classes

$27.00 per class

60 Minute Class

One-on-one Skype class

All classes are 1 hour long and take place through Skype.

Are there any other costs or additional taxes?
No, the price we publish is the price you pay.
How long are my classes valid?
Classes paid for are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Ready to start?

Fill out the form below.  Once you submit the form we will get in contact with you to set everything else up.