Spanish Practice Games For the Car

Car Games To Practice Spanish

Car rides can be boring and feel like such a waste of time. We don’t travel much but have been in the car a lot these days and have been stuck in traffic a bunch. To make it feel like less of a time-waster Maria came up with some games to play in the car to practice my Spanish. So here are the five games she came up with to practice your Spanish while you are in the car. (Be safe and don’t wreck your car trying to play these games. You could also play them in a parking lot)

Spanish Game #1

The first one is reading the license plates of the cars around you in Spanish. Start by reading each letter and number. Then if you want to make it harder try to read the numbers together. For example let’s take this license plate XWJ 2348. The easy way would be to read each letter and number. (XWJ dos tres cuatro ocho) To make it harder you can group the number into twos. (XWJ veintitres cuarenta y ocho) Then to take it to the max read the whole number as one big number. (XWJ dos mil trescientos cuarenta y ocho)

Spanish Game #2

The next game is taking the first letter of the license plate and coming up with 4 things from 4 categories that start with that letter. The categories are Cosa(thing), Comida(food), Animal(animal), and Verbo(verb). Take a look at this example. The license plate is 506 MKK. So we have to come up with our 4 words for the categories with the letter M. It would look like this Cosa (Mesa) Comida (Maracuyá) Animal (Mariposa) and Verbo (Manejar).

Spanish Game #3

Our next game you won’t need any license plates but you will need another person to play with. One person will come up with a famous person and the other will ask yes/no questions to figure out who it is. So you will use questions like ¿Soy…(hombre, mujer, actor…)? and ¿Estoy…(vivo/muerto)? The other person will respond sí or no and you just keep going until you guess who the person is.

Spanish Game #4

The fourth game we do you will still need another person to play with. You can use the states from the license plates or just come up with the places yourself. What you will do is think of a state or a city and pretend you are them. Then you will answer these questions about yourself and the other person will try to guess who you are. The questions are ¿Como te llamas? (Pick a famous person from the place) ¿Dónde estás?(descripe your geographic location so what state are you next to, below, above) ¿Cuál es tu comida favorito? (A famous food from the place) ¿Cuál es tu lugar favorito? (A famous place from the city or state) Once you have answered all the questions you will hopefully be able to figure out what city or state the person is.

Spanish Game #5

The last game is similar to the one above. Instead of a state or a city pick a country. Then ask the questions above to figure out what country the other person has picked.

Make sure to check out the video to see how each of the Spanish practice games is played.  There will also be several examples for you to play along with us.



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