Por or Para in Spanish | Which one to use?

Which preposition should I use?

por or para in spanish

In this post, we are taking a look at por or para in Spanish.  Do you know which one to use?

Por and para are a preposition, which means that they go before a noun or a pronoun. Both words mean FOR in English, this is why it is so confusing for English speakers to know the difference between these two words.

As a fun fact, POR is the combination of two Latin words: pro+per; PARA is a combination of two prepositions: per+ad, which literally means through and towards.

In a nutshell, we use para when we want to talk about destination, comparisons or reasons; and por when we want to talk about anything else.

In this chart, you will see some examples that will help you figure out por or para in Spanish.


por or para in spanish


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espanol en uso por or para in spanish

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