Professions Quiz: Guess the Occupation with its Definition.


En español, profesión, es una palabra que designa el oficio, empleo u ocupación ejercida a cambio de un pago. Asimismo define el conjunto de profesionales que la practican.

In spite of being a quiz about basic vocabulary such as occupations, it requires students to previously know other words, like verbs. Check out this audio with different professions in Spanish. The quiz about professions tests students on ten different occupations. Also, if you are a self learner of Spanish or if you are a teacher, get your students to “guess” the occupation by reading its meaning.

Download and print this FREE Spanish Quiz about Professions. Print our quizzes on legal paper. You’ll get two quizzes per sheet.

Professions Quiz

Quiz About Different Ocuppations and Professions in Spanish

It is also a good idea to administer this quiz after introducing some vocabulary. These will be the questions you’ll find in the quiz: Translator, nurse, construction worker, artist, mechanic, electrician, accountant, journalist, flight attendant, architect.

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Unlock your Spanish voice!

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