Question Words in Spanish | A Complete Guide

Asking questions in Spanish

Asking questions is essential in communicating and getting information in any language.  Your ability to use Spanish Question Words to ask and answer questions is going to make communicating a lot easier.  Alright, I think we have established that knowing how to ask a question in Spanish is important so let’s move on.  The infographic below is packed with all the information I could get about questions in Spanish.  I made this for me as a quick cheat sheet/study guide.  When you are first starting to learn how to ask questions in Spanish and what each word means it can feel overwhelming and not to mention confusing.  With that in mind, I tried to make this infographic fun and hopefully easy to navigate through.

I really wanted this infographic to be a guide that will walk you through the world of Spanish question words.  The journey begins with Spanish’s weird world of upside-down punctuation.  This is one thing for me that is still hard especially when trying to type in Spanish.   You can always change your keyboard to a Spanish layout if you are not into the alt commands.  For me, I would much rather just use the alt shortcodes.  As for the rest, it is all the questions words that are most commonly used in Spanish.

Spanish Question Words

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