React to News

Do You Know How to React to News in Spanish?

Most of us when we do not have the words for something will try to act it out like in a game of Charades.  This might not always work out so well and people could get the wrong idea.  So you will need more than your body language and your acting ability to express how you feel when you react to news.

Do have the vocabulary to react to news in Spanish?

This video is going to give you some words to throw into your body language and acting routine to better express yourself.  In this video, you will learn some common sentences and expressions that will come in hand when you get good or bad news.  Along with that, you will learn some other words to help you keep building your Spanish vocabulary.  Also, you will see a couple of situations and how a conversation using the words that are taught in the lesson would play out in the real world.  As always we try to put our spin on the lesson to try to make you forget that you are learning a new language.

Ready to start?

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