Real Reasons Why You Still Haven’t Learned Spanish

Real Reasons Why You Still Haven't Learned Spanish

The reasons…


The real reasons for this could be a mix of excuses and situations that together make a cocktail for not learning Spanish (or any language). You’ve been trying to learn the language for years but still find yourself stuck in the words “hola” and “gracias”. Or the reasons could look more like this: “Oh I love the way (language) sounds, but it’s just so hard to learn!”, or “Oh I really want to learn Spanish but I don’t have time to study.” blablabla… Excuses and more excuses.


Really, nowadays, with Internet and all the apps and video tutorials out there, saying you don’t have time or money to learn anything is a big fat lie! here are some of the real reasons you might still find yourself telling you the same old excuse and haven’t learned Spanish yet!


1. You Procrastinate

Pretty self explanatory: “tomorrow”, “next week”, or any other adverb suits you perfectly when the question “When?” comes around. A solution to this? Make learning part of your daily routine. Set an alarm and try to listen, read, or learn new words for a limited amount of time. When it goes off, freedom! you can finally go and watch that cute kitty video you saw posted on your friend’s Facebook.

Real Reasons Why You Still Haven't Learned Spanish

2. You Don’t Find a Use for it in Real Life

Fine. You say you like the language, you might even know how to say some things in Spanish, but your learning is limited because you simply don’t need to use it in your actual real life.

When you learn something you don’t need or never use, you really don’t learn. You might retain it for a while but then it will all be gone, stored in a dark closet at the very back of your brain where nobody really goes and visits the poor guy.

That’s why you end up having to re learn something you thought you knew and you get stuck in the same point. Then wash and repeat and it is the perfect formula for you not improving at all.


3. You Get Frustrated at the First Difficulty

You can’t remember how to conjugate that specific verb in Spanish. Oh so many words! Everything is backwards! I give up! If this is you, you might be getting frustrated at something you have complete control of: your learning. Grammar is necessary to speak properly, but not really necessary to communicate. So if your problem is grammar, it is not really a problem at all. Pick up that book you threw on the wall and learn the words you will actually use, the common phrases. Now use them. Here you have some tips to Overcome Frustration When Learning Spanish.


4. You Are Closed-Minded

Real Reasons Why You Still Haven't Learned Spanish


Yes. Closed-minded. Remember that time someone was teaching you Spanish or just telling you a short sentence and even though they did it slowly and clearly you just said angrily: “Oh I can’t, I don’t understand”. Or that time you saw a word in Spanish and didn’t even make the effort to read it out loud because the first thought you had was “I can’t say that”. You don’t really make an effort to understand what you hear or read in Spanish even if it looks really similar, your go to phrase is “I can’t say that” / “I can’t learn Spanish”.


5. You don’t Take Risks.

You know the present tense, the past perfect, the simple past form of this and that verb but you “are not ready” to say a single sentence with what you know. Or you have been living in that Spanish speaking country for years and you still don’t speak the language. Guess what? To learn a language you need to speak it, and when you speak it, you might make mistakes, many mistakes! but, again… it is part of a normal learning process and mistakes are necessary for you to really learn anything.


6. You rely Way Too Much on Apps and Technology

Real Reasons Why You Still Haven't Learned Spanish


When it gets to a point where you have to check your phone, or hear it beforehand every time you want to use that sentence or word, then you rely too much on technology.

The truth is, when you learn, you need to make mistakes. Mistakes help you learn the right way. Again, you need to use what you learn, let go of that phone or dictionary, try and say something. If you’re wrong, and ask for help, someone will probably correct you. If you’re not, move on with the next thing to learn!


7. You Don’t Take it Seriously

It is always nice to have fun when learning a language. It is also a great way to learn. The problem is, if you just laugh at every word, sentence and just happen to make fun of it in your native language, probably you need to take your learning more seriously, make it more organized, give it a little more time and make it part of your routine. Otherwise, learning Spanish will always be a joke for you.


What do you think? Are any of these reasons what is causing you to not learn Spanish? Can you relate? Write your opinions in the comments below.


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