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New Year´s Resolution: Learn Spanish


It’s that time of the year where we list out a bunch of things that we want to do next year.  Most people will have things like losing weight, travel, or maybe learning a language like Spanish.



I have actually had this on my list every year for more years that I can remember.  If you are like me it sounds good to learn a language but actually doing the work does not sound that great and it can be a little overwhelming.

Here are 10 things you can do that will help you achieve this goal next year:


1. Don’t Expect to Be Perfect!


Do you make mistakes in your native language?  Do you ever lose your keys?  You can expect to make a lot of mistakes when you are learning Spanish.  You can also expect to forget how to say things that you have learned.  It is part of the process don’t get mad and quit because of all the mistakes you make.


2. Listen to Spanish Music and TV Shows.


This is a great way to get an idea of how the language flows and start to develop an ear for the language.  If you can find lyrics to the song or subtitles to the show you are watching it will help as well.  Check out as well!


3. Practice SPEAKING!


This is one of the most important things you need to do but also probably the scariest.  The more you speak the better you will get.  I once spoke with my wife, Maria for a week in Spanish and I was blown away how much my Spanish improved in only a week.  So start speaking from day one.


4. Be Consistent


This is the key to learning any new skill.  Learning a language or any new skill takes time and commitment.  Doing 10 minutes of Spanish practice every day is far better than a random hour long cram session.



5. Read Out Loud.


You will not only get the benefit of reading but you will also get to work on your pronunciation.


6. Talk to Yourself


You might do this already so kick it up a level and do it in Spanish.  Have a conversation with yourself.  That way you always have someone around that you can practice your Spanish with.


7. Use Flashcards


This is a great way to make what would be a waste of time like waiting for the bus or class to start into productive study time.  Make the cards small enough so that you can carry them around with ease.  Also, make sure to always carry them with you.  That way even if you have a couple of minutes you can still study a couple of flashcards.


8. Label Your Surroundings


Put labels on everything in your house with the Spanish word for it.  People might think you are crazy so it might be a good idea to take down the labels when you have friends over.


9. Be Patient


Don’t get discouraged.  It is going to take time to learn Spanish.  Hitting a wall or a plateau is normal and by doing things that you find on this list you will push through it.  So don’t give up and just be patient.  Review what you know and keep pushing towards the goal.


10. Find a Group


Find a group of people to practice with and that can hold you accountable.  A great place to look is for people in your area.  I was able to find a group in the city where I live and they were really nice and welcomed me into their group.  This will give you some kind of weekly or monthly thing that you will have to go to and speak.  So you will want to improve in between the meetings.  Another thing you will help you is to find different videos that you can watch or maybe a workbook that you can work through.



It is not easy to learn Spanish I am still struggling myself but I think it is possible.  So if your New Year’s resolution is to learn Spanish, make sure to make it a reality.  Post in the comments below that you are going to start learning Spanish next year.  Declared to the world that you are going to do it and tell us what will be your first steps to get started.  Remember there is no better time to start and make this resolution into reality.



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