Beginner Spanish Exercise: BBC Mundo

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Beginner Spanish Exercise

In this beginner Spanish exercise, we are using a funny video from BBC Mundo.  In this video, you will find text in Spanish along with images that will help you understand the meaning of the words.

The context is your best friend. Check out the images in the video and relate them to words. Sometimes there is no need for a direct exact precise translation of each word. Learning Spanish is supposed to be practical, and sometimes in real life, there won’t be dictionaries. So, pay attention to the context and let it guide you on the meaning of the words you read.

After the video, check out the questions below to test your understanding.


Some questions:

You will be able to find all the answers below.

1.”Dejar de” could mean:

a. To start

b. To quit

2. “no requiere explicación” could also be…

a. No necesita explicación

b. No quiere explicación

3. “Algo gomoso” could mean…

a. something gummy

b. something soft

4. “Duerme de costado” means:

a. Sleep on your back

b. Sleep on your side

The answers:

  1. B. Dejar de is to stop doing something. “Por favor, deja de cantar. Tu voz es horrible”.
  2. A. Requerir is a word that means to require, to need.
  3. A. Check the visual clue in the video. The man is chewing something that looks really chewy, like gum.
  4. B. “De costado” means on your side.


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