Spanish Verb Practice | Say 5 things you can do

Spanish Verb Practice | Say 5 things you can do

Spanish Verb Practice Game

The topic of this lesson is Spanish verb practice but more important than that is how you are practicing.  Having fun is the best way to go about learning and Spanish is no different.  It is important to mix up your practice and not just study hard hours every day.  There is no way you will be able to keep it up and you will eventually quit.  With that in mind, this video is about having some fun with your Spanish learning.  We are going to play a game that you can do at home or with some of your fellow Spanish learners.  First, make a list of places like the park, lake, and living room.  Then at to the list some body parts like hands, legs, and nose.  Now take one of the words from your list and try to name 5 things you can do with that word.

Practice Round

For example, let’s take a place from the list above like the lake.  We would then think of 5 things we could do at the lake.  So we would say something like swim, fish, water ski, grill, and eat.  If that is too easy for you then you can increase the number of words that you have to come up with.  Another thing you can do to increase the difficulty is to set a timer.  Give yourself 15 seconds to say a set number of Spanish verbs before the time runs out.

Ready to play along?

Now that you know the idea of what is going to be happening, give the video a watch below.  Try to play along with us and come up with your own 5 verbs for each word.  Pause the video to give yourself some time to answer before Cody does and then compare your answers with his.  Are they similar or completely different?


How was that for you?

More advanced students can come up with sentences instead of just verbs.  Also having someone else pick the topics and choosing then at random will keep you on your toes as well.

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