SIELE: The International Spanish Exam


What is SIELE and What to Expect?


The SIELE is the “Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española”. It is the only international exam that certifies your proficiency in the Spanish language. Since it is an international Spanish exam, it not only focuses on the Spanish from Spain but also includes the variations of Spanish you can find in different countries.


Different academic institutions created and approved this exam. These are countries such as Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Cuba, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Uruguay. Do you know which countries use Spanish as their official language?


How does SIELE work?


This exam evaluates communicative skills (speaking, writing, listening, and reading) through four tests:


Types of SIELE tests



It is intended to last up to three hours and its maximum score is 1000 points.

SIELE Global and SIELE Independent Modalities


Very Important: This exam is called the “SIELE Global”, because it assesses the four skills. When you get your results from this exam, you will also get a certificate. This will be valid for two years.


If you only need an evaluation on some of your skills, you will be taking the “SIELE Independent Modalities”. These modalities are four combinations: S1 (Reading Comprehension, and listening comprehension). S2: (Reading comprehension and Writing expression). S3: (Listening comprehension and Oral expression and interaction). S4: (Oral expression and interaction only).


All the SIELE Independent Modalities tests will provide you with a report with a score from 0 to 500, except for the S4, which will be from 0 to 250 points. You will also find the score from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Since the exam is new (it was launched in 2015), for now you can take it only examination-centers-sielein a limited number of cities and countries, depending on where you are.


Nevertheless, you can do all the process, from registration to taking the exam electronically, including registration, reservation and communication. You will get your results form the exam within a period of three weeks. You may print the certificate or the report from the computer application.




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