Spanish Grammar Quiz Using Song Lyrics.

Spanish grammar quiz


What you’ll watch

A Spanish grammar quiz would be a great way to finish a stage on our YouTube channel (pre-moving to Colombia).  I was coming up with sentences for you guys to work with and do the test; however, that day my mind was just blocked and I thought… “well, let me type the beginning of this sentence on Google and see what comes up”. What came up was a song, so I took a sentence from that song and used it. I decided it would be better, more fun, and interesting to do it that way, so… there you go.  We have for you a Spanish grammar quiz using song lyrics from various Spanish speaking artists.

I hope you enjoy the video and learn some new things.

A little story about this video…

We recorded, edited, etc this video to YouTube about two weeks ago (end of February 2020). The plan was moving to Colombia (not going on vacations but MOVING). We had planned for this, months ago. We didn’t want to worry about videos while all the moving chaos was going on.

One day before our flight, the airline we were traveling with closed operations. Also, Colombia´s government denied entry to foreigners amidst this awful Coronavirus situation. I (as a citizen of Colombia) could have found a way to go. However, we decided it would be best for everybody to just stay put and wait until everything is OK again.

Why am I telling you this? In the video, I mention we are moving and say you would be probably watching it while we were in Colombia, so the studio behind me would be a thing of the past. Things are different now obviously. We are still here in Knoxville, TN. The studio as you know it is not anymore. At the end of the video, you’ll see how it looks now.


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