Día de Los Muertos Spanish listening activity

Día de los Muertos

Spanish Listening Activity

As most of you know Maria is Colombian and Cody is from the States so Día de Los Muertos is not something that we know a lot about.  At the time we were living in Nashville, TN, and got invited to a Día de Los Muertos celebration.  We were super excited and could not pass up the opportunity to take you guys and gals along for the trip with a Día de Los Muertos Spanish listening activity.  However, faulty technology had other things in mind.

The video that almost wasn’t

Do you know the feeling of when you find money in your pocket that you did not know you had? Well, we got that same feeling when we found some footage that we thought was lost forever because of a bad hard drive.  All the footage we shot for this Día de Los Muertos Spanish listening activity disappeared one day from our hard drive.  Thankfully one day after some tinkering from Cody the footage crossed back over to the land of the living.

About the video

Like we said earlier this video is about an event we went to last year about Día de los Muertos. The event was packed full of fun things about this interesting holiday.

To start our Día de Los Muertos adventure we checked out the altars created by students schools in the area. Some of them were huge and all of them were bright and colorful. We saw decorated skulls along with pictures and belonging of others loved ones that are no longer with them.

After that, we went outside to see a dance troupe perform traditional Mayan dances. Keeping with the theme of Día de Los Muertos their traditional costumes were bright and colorful. Next, we stopped to check out some local Latin food. Then it was time to check out the rest of the property. Where we saw the giant house and all of the beautiful gardens.

Well, we hope you enjoy this video and that it is a help to you. Don’t forget about the quiz at the end of the video to test your understanding.

To get the most out of this Spanish listening activity watch it once without the subtitles and try to answer the questions at the end. Then watch it again with the subtitles to see if you understand any more than before. Don’t forget if it is too fast for you then click the gear icon and slow the video down.


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