Spanish Listening Activity – Fancy Passive Voice Christmas!

Passive Voice in Spanish


The holidays are upon us and we have a holiday-themed Spanish listening activity for you. We recently we to an event called the Fantasy of Trees. This video will help you get into the holiday spirit with all the lights and decorations you will see from the event. It had all kinds of holiday decorations to look at like beautiful Christmas trees and gingerbread houses. Maria will tell you all about it in Spanish but it will be a little different from our other listening activities.

This listening activity will focus on Passive Voice in Spanish. What is passive voice? It is when you want to focus on the thing doing the action rather than the person doing the action.

Passive Voice Example

Not Passive Voice
Cody y Maria graban el video

Passive Voice
El video es grabado por Cody y Maria

Can you see the difference?

In Spanish, it is more formal to use passive voice so it is not that common to hear in a normal conversation. You will probably hear this in a formal setting like a conference, or read it in a newspaper, or book.

This is an advanced topic and to get the most out of it you will need to know the verbs ser and estar really well. Also, you will need to know the verbs in participle which are verbs that end in -ado or –ido.

If this was too advanced for you check out some of our videos in English.

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Unlock your Spanish voice!

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Unlock your Spanish voice!

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