Spanish Listening Activity: Conversation with Manuel from Mexico

Spanish Listening Activity with Manuel, from Mexico.


For this video, we have a Spanish listening activity. We are going to meet Manuel, from Mexico as Maria interviews him in Spanish.
This video will be all in Spanish but remember there are subtitles in Spanish and that you can slow down the speed of the video. As always there will be questions at the end so you can check your understanding.

Here is some of the vocabulary you will hear in the video:


  • Bloqueador solar – Sunblock
  • Claras de huevo – Egg whites
  • Playera – One of many ways in Spanish to say: T-shirt
  • Comida casera – Homemade food
  • Huevos estrellados – Fried eggs
  • Padre – Literally: Father In Mexico: Slang for “cool”.
  • Pechuga asada – Roasted chicken breast
  • Pesas – Weights


As you can tell from the listening activity, there are some words that are different between Mexican and Colombian Spanish. Even though they are different we are still able to understand each other. This is in part because of TV. See? In Colombia, people watch a lot of soap operas from Mexico and vice versa. We grew up knowing there are other words people use in Mexico and we just got used to hearing them. We just don’t use them at all, but we know their meaning based on the context.

Can you tell a difference between Mexican and Colombian Spanish?

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