Spanish Listening Activity with Paul

Spanish Listening Activity with Quiz

In this video, we have a Spanish listening activity with a quiz at the end.  For this video, we are interviewing a non-native Spanish speaker.  His name is Paul and he is Spanish teacher here in Tennessee.  He reached out to us and we met up to shoot a video with him.  Paul tells us about his experience learning Spanish, his biggest problems learning, and he gives us some advice to learn the language.  We also talked to him about if it is necessary to leave your country in order to learn a language really well.

We think this is a great video to follow last week’s.  In that video, you guys were the stars of the video telling in Spanish why you wanted to learn the language.  It is one of our favorite videos that we have done.  It was so cool to see the people on the other side of the screen and to see everyone putting themselves out there making a video of them speaking in Spanish.  We were blown away by how great everyone’s Spanish was!  If you sent us a video we truly appreciate it!  Don’t worry if you missed out we will be doing more of these in the future.  You can watch the video from last week here.

We hope these two videos give you the motivation and hope that you can learn Spanish.

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