Colombian Spanish Listening Activity

Colombian Spanish Listening Activity


Before we get into this Colombian Spanish listening activity we are going to tell you a little about how this video came about.  At the start of 2019, we were in Colombia visiting for the holidays.  January is one of the best times to be in Bogota, Colombia.  Most people have left the city for the holidays so the city is less crowded.  The weather this time of the year is amazing as well.  Sunny days and perfect not too hot and not too cold temperatures.  We had been posting about our trip on Instagram and some people reached out to us and asked if we would want to meet up with them.

On a sunny day in Bogota, we hopped on our bicycles and rode to a mall close to where we were staying.  That is where we meet up with Manuela.  She is Colombian and has done a lot of traveling.  We sat down outside of a mall in Bogota for a little chat and that is what you are going to see in this video.  In the video, we talked about her travels and some of the places that Manuela has lived.  We also talked about the difference in living in other countries compared to living in Colombia.

Video Completely in Spanish.

That is right, this video is completely in Spanish.  If you are having trouble understanding this video make sure to activate the subtitles in Spanish.  Don’t forget to watch until the end for the questions to check your understanding of this Spanish listening activity.


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