Spanish Students Risk Speaking Spanish

The Secret to Confident Spanish

The secret to confident Spanish is speaking and using what you are learning.  However, there are three fears that keep you most Spanish students from speaking: The fear of rejection, the fear of failure and the fear of embarrassment.

Most people prefer not to say a word out of fear of being ridiculed, but the truth is there is no way you can improve in a language if you don’t speak it. Yes, sometimes you might find people who will be rude and not friendly at all with you, but hey… that is their problem, and honestly, that will be a tiny percentage of the people you will encounter in life. So, forget about them!

Some weeks ago, we asked people why are they learning Spanish, and they took the risk of making a video in Spanish answering the question. We hope you get to hear their stories and you also start taking the risk to speak Spanish whenever you have the chance to do it, no matter what!

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Unlock your Spanish voice!

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