Have You Tried These? Spanish Tongue Twisters

Los trabalenguas: Spanish Tongue Twisters


Spanish tongue twisters

So… The other day Cody and I were talking about how important it is for you to enjoy what you do. If you do it often, then it is even more important. It is the same with things like learning a language.

Did you know negative emotions can block learning? If you are forced to learn something you don’t really want to learn or you’re scared of making mistakes and looking stupid, it might be harder to learn anything.

Keep it simple. Keep it fun. If learning is not fun and enjoyable, you just won’t do it.  What does this have to do with Spanish tongue twisters?

Having fun

Spanish Tongue Twisters

We are not really into Kpop or anything, but we thought it was just a fun light activity. Plus if you want to know more: Spanish tongue twisters will help you with the physical fluency. They might help you train the muscles in your mouth to move and adopt positions they are not used to because as you know, every language has its own particular sounds.

Anyway… Watch us having fun and being stupid while trying to say the same tongue twisters as this K-pop band we found the other day online.

If you are into Kpop or watch the full original video, click below.

Day6 Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp-pqXsizklX3ZHvLxXyhxw
Full Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVEZYiSzTY4&t

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